Mental health at work & early prevention

Coaching, Training & Counselling on: Prevention & Mental Health at Work

Mental illness is one of the most common causes of sick leave and often leads to long periods of downtime and high costs. 

Nationwide, more than one in four adults fulfils the criteria of a mental illness in a period of one year. The most common clinical pictures include anxiety disorders, depression and disorders caused by alcohol or medication abuse.

My offer

Through my international work as an HR consultant and as part of my psychotherapeutic work in the rehabilitation clinic for the mentally ill, I am very familiar with the worries and fears on the part of employers as well as employees! 
My Goal:  Reduce Fears, Prevention & Support

This offer relates exclusively to couching & support. If you need psychotherapeutic help please click here:

External employee assistance

In an individual setting, I offer your employees simple and discreet access to psychological support:

Work-related (emotional) problems

Relationship problems, separation/divorce

Family Affairs

Stress, Conflict, Bullying, Harassment

Burnout, Depression, Anxiety, Grief

Supportive discussions during the reintegration phase.

Does psychotherapy make sense for me?

Management support

How can I help employees with mental health problems or illnesses most effectivly? 

What kind of mental illnesses can I be most likely be confronted with as a manager? 

How can I help my staff with reintegration? 

External advice on your own emotional problems & does psychotherapy make sense for me?


In the training sessions, my focus is on psychoeducation especially on anxiety disorders, AD(H)S, addiction, depression & burnout, compulsion, psychosis & schizophrenia at work.


Appointments for training, coaching and consulting can be held at your premises or via video call. 

Individual counselling/coaching may also take place in my practice. 

Psychological support for your employees can be provided in my practice or via video and over the phone. 

Offers in German and English


Prices on request and depending on offer and scope.

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Edina Eder-Petersen 

Psychologin, M.Sc.
Psychologische Psychotherapeutin 

Telefon: +49157 34473692 


Adresse: Rosenstr. 7, 80331 München

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