Psychotherapy for Adults

Cognitive behavioural therapy for adults

Individually tailored psychotherapy in an atmosphere of trust.

Working methods 

I offer psychotherapy that is individually tailored to you, your existing problems and your current life situation. My focus is on using well founded methods of cognitive behavioural therapy in an atmosphere of trust. In addition, I would like to help you identify your individual needs and feelings through a plan-analytical approach in oder to communicate them more effectively.

Classical interventions of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) are used to treat your symptoms according to psychotherapeutic guidelines (Leitlinien).

If you are interested in psychotherapeutic treatment in my practice, please contact me preferably by email, or alternatively by telephone, so that we can arrange an appointment for an initial consultation. Please understand that I am unable to answer the phone during sessions, I will call you back as soon as possible.


Getting to know each other -Probatory sessions- Therapy

In an initial discussion, we will get  a first impression of your problem and clarify what you can expect from therapy and whether a Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is suitable for your needs. If we both agree  that psychotherapy would be helpful for you, you will have up to four further probatory sessions to get a more detailed diagnosis and medical history. In these first sessions, you have the opportunity to get to know me and my working methods better and to decide whether you can envisage a long-term collaboration with me.

Therapy takes place in the form of one-to-one sessions. If necessary, relatives can also be involved in a couple or family session. The sessions typically take place once a week and usually last 50 minutes. The interval between sessions is typically increased towards the end of therapy.

The total duration of a therapy depends on a variety of factors and can therefore only be determined after an assessment of  your individual problem.

The following guidelines can be used for a person with private health insurance: short-term therapy typically lasts up to 25 sessions while long-term therapy  are expected to last up to 45 sessions. 


Spectrum of Treatment 

Treatment spectrum includes mental disorders (according to ICD-10)

My focus is on:

Mental disorders during pregnancy and postpartum (depression, anxiety and postpartum psychosis)

AD(H)D Attention Deficit Disorder

Adaptation disorders: stress reactions to critical life events and changes in living conditions, stress  at work, study and private contexts

Affective disorders: Depression, "Burnout"

Anxiety disorders & Phobias

OCD Obsessive-compulsive disorder

Psychosis / Schizophrenia: Helping to improve psychosocial factors & identifying or jointly developing early warning signs as well as helping to cope with postschizophrenic depression


The costs are based on the scale of fees for psychotherapists (GOP).

Self-payers: If you like to pay for the therapy yourself, the costs are based on the scale of fees for psychotherapists (GOP). 

Privately insured persons: The billing is based on the scale of fees for psychotherapists (GOP). As a general rule, the costs of psychotherapy are fully reimbursed by the private health insurance and the civil servant's allowance. Please check with your private insurance company about the necessary formalities.

Persons with statutory health insurance: Unfortunately, direct billing with the statutory health insurance is not possible in my private practice.

However, you have the option of applying to your health insurance for reimbursement, if you do not find a psychotherapist licensed to treat you in the foreseeable future.

More information:

What is cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT)?

A method developed on the basis of scientific knowledge, which has been further developed by extensive psychotherapy research in recent decades.

Behavioural therapy assumes that psychological problems are the result of conscious and unconscious learning processes.

"Helping people to help themselves"- With the aim of you quickly being able to solve your problems by yourself again.

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